Welcome on the Club d’Ultimate des Gones’ website

Diversity. Kindness. Praline tart.

– Lyon –

You will find on this English page all necessary information to come and play Ultimate Frisbee in Lyon, in a joyful atmosphere and within the Spirit of the Game! Enjoy your visit !

Training sessions

The Club organises two training sessions each week, open to everyone, either beginner or experienced, and even in the middle of the season. Do not hesitate to pay us a visit!

If you wish to join in a training session:

  • Well, just come!
  • Or you can contact us via our dedicated form (see below)

For a first trial, do not forget to bring with you

  • Water!
  • A pair of sports shoes (preferably boots) for the Thursday session
  • Sports clothes, adapted to weather conditions for the outdoor session!

Registration 2022/2023

The club offers two kinds of licences for season 2021/2022:

  1. The Leisure licence costs 30€ and allows you to join in the weekly training session (outdoors on Thursdays).
  2. The Competition licence costs 92,5€ and allows you to join in the weekly training session and participate in the federal championships (one indoor season, one outdoor season: maximum of 8 weeks per year).

To be noted:

  • The first three training sessions are free: no need to get a licence to give Ultimate a try and discover the club!
  • The two licences include an insurance.
  • You can first take the Leisure licence and get the Competition one later if you are interested in the federal championships.

Required documents for registration

Several files and pieces of information are required to join the club, among which:

  • Your contact information (last name, first name, address, phone number, email address, …), which will only be used internally,
  • A medical certificate which must mention “Pratique de l’ultimate frisbee en compétition” (PDF).
  • A colour ID photo

A bit of history

The Club d’Ultimate des Gones was founded in 2016 in Lyon by three Ultimate Frisbee enthusiasts:

  • Jérémy ENGLER, who remained president, coach and more during the club’s first three years before leaving for Alsace,
  • Théry PHILIPPINE, the smile of the club before leaving to throw discs in Saint-Etienne,
  • Frédéric CANTEGREIL, a seasoned veteran.

The three were supported in their approach by

  • Cédric ENGLER, first treasurer of the club,
  • Robin DISTELZWEY, genius artist who gave (and still gives!) the club its visual identity, created the logo and designed our shirts.

What is the objective of the founding members? Sharing their passion for Ultimate while promoting its core values: a mixed, self-officiated and non-contact sport, which grants importance to fair-play with a focus on tolerance, respect and a friendly atmosphere.


In 2022 the club gathers more than 40 members, organises one training sessions a week and will present 3 teams for the indoor federal championship – one of which will play in National 3 division – as well as three teams during the outdoor season.

In accordance with the founding members’ objective, every profile is welcome to join the Gones: beginner or experienced, leisure or competition, all those who share the Spirit of the Game and the will to have a good time!

The club organised its first tournament, the Conflu’Hat, in June 2017 and reiterated the experience in October 2019. We also received a phase of the Mixed championship in 2018 and the Open championship in 2022.


You wish to contact us? You need more information about the club or training sessions? You are interested in Ultimate Frisbee? Please feel free to contact us using the contact form.